Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Large Niltava Lord of the Signboard

Large Niltava (Male) was perched on this signboard promoting "Insect Eating Birds" along Jalan Lady Maxwell when we arrived to do a bit of birdwatching around that area. It was literally Lord of the Billboard. Such a comical sight indeed, a Niltava sitting on a billboard which actually had its picture with information printed on this billboard. Headline-grabbing Niltava! The White-tailed Shama was flying about on the slopes below Silverpark Apartments. Surprising to see it at this elevation and in Fraser Hill. Only 1 individual was seen that mid-morning.
 Didn't see the Wedge-Tailed Pigeon at High Pines that Sunday morning. A Himalayan Squirrel was nevertheless a welcome sight after the relatively quiet post-Sri Berkat bird wave.
This huge moth was hidden in between my car windshields from Sri Berkat and accompanied Maye and me in my car all the way from Seri Berkat to High Pines. We "unstuck" the moth and placed it on a dried leave at the forest edge near Jalan Lady Maxwell. My car turned into an insect mobile carrier that Saturday - insects were clinging onto my car exterior as I drove around Fraser Hill that Sunday morning, with Maye.

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