Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sri Berkat Bird Wave on a Sunday morning

Wonderful Sunday morning at Sri Berkat bungalow. We witnessed a bird wave just outside the bungalow. Resident birds of Fraser Hill came to feed on the insects that were strewn all over the car porch and roofs. This included the Verditer Flycatcher which I've never had the privilege to observe at such a distance. The Verditer literally flew from the rooftop, landed on the cemented pavement and hopped right up to give us a quick glance. Distinct black mask across the eyes of this flycatcher.    
The Verditer with its insect catch of the day. Time for breakfast!
Flying down from the roof to take a closer look at the occupants of the bungalow.
The Silver-Eared Mesia was also part of the bird wave that morning. A flock was seen foraging in the pine trees before one flew onto the roof below, showing off its prominent silver ear. Such a pretty bird this Mesia, with its colourful plumage of orange, silver, black and red. The Mesia is an iconic resident bird of Fraser Hill, featured prominently in the promotional materials of hotels and inns. Somehow, not seeing it when in Fraser Hill makes the trip incomplete for me:) 
Silver-eared Mesia with its insect breakfast below:-
Mesia perched on the hose below:-
Birds had a buffet spread of insects at compounds of Seri Berkat that morning. We were very lucky to witness this bird wave literally "in our doorsteps" since many of us were getting ready to head out and look for the Wedge-Tailed Pigeon at High Pines. Sunday free and easy birdwatching for us member of the Wild Bird Club of Malaysia after having concluded a joint event with the Fraser Hill Community Library, the day before.

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  1. Just noticed the moth-like insect on the pavement in front of the verditer flycatcher.


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