Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Little Pied Flycatcher in Angry Bird mood

Second final stop for birdwatching was along Old Gap Road. A pair of male and female Little Pied Flycatcher greeted us at the start of our walk that Sunday. The male Little Pied came really close to Maye and myself. This tiny bird is almost the size of a golf ball. It hopped onto the signboard and then the side of the road, giving us a really good view of it. This flycatcher was all fluffed up and raised its white eyebrows in such a comical fashion. Lovely sighting at the beginning of our walk!
Little Pied Flycatcher above, raising its eyebrows so high - in an Angry Bird mood! Never knew it had such snowy white eyebrows until I saw this picture of mine. Another pair of male and female LP Flycatchers were seen further down the Old Gap Road of Fraser Hill, together with a juvenile.
Little Cuckoo Doves were flying out of the greenery growing alongside the slopes of Old Gap Road. These doves flew quick and fast out of the greenery across the road. Saw this individual Dove which perched for a while. Heard their soft "Wuck-wuck" calls throughout the walk.
Mountain Imperial Pigeon was perched almost above our heads on a tree at Old Gap Road. It lives up to its size description which is that of a small chicken:) This pigeon has a deep booming call.

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  1. First week of June is breeding season in Fraser Hill. Great to see the next generation of resident birds such as Little Pied Flycatcher doing well in Malaysia's Little England.


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