Friday, April 1, 2016

Cuckoo and Other Montane Birds of Fraser Hill

Finally found online tool for compiling pictures in a Collage! The Rusty-Breasted Cuckoo was a lifer for me. I've never seen it in Fraser Hill before. Ang and Raj have clearer and better pictures of this Cuckoo. After spending the entire Saturday morning birding along the old Gap Road and Phenology trail, we reached Fraser Hill around 1pm. We checked in at Puncak Inn after 1pm. We stopped by the Fraser Hill Community Library, since I had promised to donate some of my second-hand bird field pocket guides, DVDs, books to the Library in return for the many happy birdwatching memories I've had in Fraser Hill. We had lunch Al-Fresco style in one of the Gazebo along the Golf Course road. Mrs Raj cooked Sambal Chicken for us birders. We ate and birded at the same time. Grey-chinned minivets (Male & Female), Long-tail Sibia, Large Niltave (Male & Female) were some of the birds we saw often in Fraser Hill. The Grey-throated Babblers were out and about along the new Gap Road on Sunday, 27th March. We birded the entire Saturday afternoon in Fraser Hill, and waited for the elusive Hill Patridge......


  1. Female Niltava looks like it is wearing a sparkling blue necklace!

  2. Must find the article about natural sanctuaries in Southern France which is famous for cuckoos which sing all day long during springtime.

    1. Correction - Nightingales that sing all day long in Southern France at a place called La Brenne


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