Friday, April 1, 2016

Fraser Hill with Birder Friends

Oriental Honey Buzzards were soaring above New Gap Road that Sunday, 27th March 2016, 5.25pm on their migratory route to Northern Asia and Russia. Sifu Ang caught a picture of two of the nine OHBs above, whilst we observed them. I initially thought these soaring birds were hornbills after hearing the Great Hornbills calling earlier from the Valley facing the New Gap Road. I've entered our Fraser Hill bird sightings in EBIRD portal which is under the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Although Fraser Hill is known worldwide as a popular birdwatching site, the unique flora, fauna and mammals of montane forests found here deserve as much attention as the birdlife. Thanks to Sifu Ang for driving around the hill in record time as we did as much birding as humanly possible. Mrs Ang's Sugee Cake was a welcome relief during early morning (and late night) birdwatching sessions. Thanks to Raj for bringing along fantastic home-cooked Sambal Chicken all the way from Malacca. Their sense of humour adds to the fun part of the trip. I'm still grappling with my Panasonic Lumix. Will definitely need to make many more outings to hone up my photography skills.   

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