Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shorebirds to Montane Birds in One Day

Goodbye shorebirds of Malim Nawar, Perak above as we headed to Kampar for lunch. After having our fill of economy rice, Ang drove us to Tapah as we began our journey to Cameron Highlands in search of montane birds. Stopped to pack our afternoon tea snacks at Tanah Rata before we reached our hotel in Brinchang. Checked-in at Snooze Hotel, Brinchang to offload our baggage. Didn't explore the hotel much since we were out birdwatching until late night, looking for owls near Strawberry Park Resort. Owls didn't come out nor call that Friday night but a Civet (Musang) kept us company that night as it stealthily walked across the wires of telephone poles, and jumped into the trees, curiously looking at us throughout its night walk.

We returned to hotel for forty winks before resuming our birdwatching session on an early Saturday morning at 6.30am in Strawberry Park Resort. A flock of four (4) Little Cuckoo Doves flew around valley below. Was looking out for the rarer Barred Cuckoo Dove which unfortunately was a no-show that morning. Everett's White-Eyes, Black-throated Sunbirds did show up and were seen feeding on bottle-brush trees growing in the gardens of Strawberry Park Resort. 

Dawn view at Strawberry Park Resort
Sun is finally shining on valley!
We waited as long as we could for the Wedge-tailed Pigeons but no luck there. It was already 9am and we decided it was time for Breakfast. Sausages with baked beans and French toast somehow tasted extra delicious when it is eaten in Cameron Highlands:) 


  1. The Stints generated a lot of discussion in Ang's Facebook page with many debating whether it was Red-necked Stint or Little Stint or Long-Toed Stint. For Malim Nawar it seems IF the Stint was a Red-necked, it would be a first record of its kind for that area of Perak.

  2. Kampar is also popular for their chicken biscuits and curry chicken bus!


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